Oc~Boulder~Fest! at Lake Compounce, Coaster Event


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.  When can I register for the event?
A.  You can register on-line as soon as the link is available.

Q.  What if I decide to attend after the registration deadline?
A.  Procedural changes will allow only those guests who have registered on-line by the deadline to participate in this event.  There will be no on-site registration.

Q.  Can I send in a check for registration as in past years?
A.  No.  Registration should done using our on line Registration.  When you click on the Registration link, there will be 2 simple steps:

    Fill in the form with the name and home town of each member in your party.
    Click on the PayPal link for payment after submitting your information. 

Q.  How can I use PayPal if I do not have a credit card?
A.  You can set up your account so your registration fee will be paid from your debit card, or directly from your checking or savings account.  Follow the directions on the PayPal site.

Q.  What if I do not want to use PayPal?
A.  Please ask a family member, friend, or another O~B~F! attendee to pay your registration for you.

Q.  How do I pick up my admission materials if I arrive after 12 noon?
A.  Your materials can be picked up at Guest Relations when you arrive.

Q.  Do I have to wear my name badge while I’m in the park?
A.  Your name badge is only required to participate in ERT, and should be kept in a safe place until that time.

Q.  What is ERT?
A.  “Exclusive Ride Time”.  After the park closes, and the rest of the park is cleared, attendees of Oc~Boulder~Fest! get exclusive time on Boulder Dash Mountain Coaster for one hour!

Q.  Is there a discount for seniors, or for those who have a Lake Compounce Season Pass?
A.  Discounts are not offered for catered group outings, though season pass holders will pay only for the meal portion of the event.

Q. Is there a reduced admission for children?
A. All children under 3 years of age are admitted free.

Q.  I’m coming from out of town and need a place to stay overnight.  Where is the nearest hotel?
A.  If you’re reading this, you're on the Internet.  You can access any of the various travel web sites - Expedia.com - Travelocity.com - Orbitz.com - (or another if your favorite isn't listed) and look for hotels in the Bristol or Southington, CT areas.

Q.  Since the event is in not in October, why is it called Oc~Boulder~Fest!
A.  Originally, Lake Compounce held their own celebration with an Oktoberfest theme near the end of their operating season. Our event was chosen to have a similar sounding name to go with both the Park celebration and with Boulder Dash Mountain Coaster.  On September 23, 2000, Oc~Boulder~Fest! was celebrated for the first time.  The Lake no longer holds their own Oktoberfest, in fact the first year of O~B~F! was the last year The Lake celebrated with their own Oktoberfest!  The park now closes their regular operating season earlier in September in order to prepare for their Haunted Graveyard.

Q.  The event has been held in early/mid-September these past several years.  Why is it being held in August this year? 
A.  Coaster events compete for limited weekend availability, and an August date was chosen for 2017.

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